Weki Meki Also Joins In The Comeback Lineup In February Together With Choi YooJung

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Weki Meki Official

Weki Meki is reportedly said to be making a comeback in February!

On Feb. 6, it was first announced by one Korean media that there were rumors of the girl group making a comeback in February and Fantagio Music had later confirmed that it is true.

They also added that Weki Meki will be returning together with Choi YooJung who had previously halted her activities back in October 2019 due to health issues.

With the impending comeback in February, it has been 6 months since their last album and many fans could not wait to see their return as well as to see them as a whole again.

If you are curious, you can take a look at the lineup for February comebacks and debut here.

Are you also looking forward to their return with Choi YooJung?


weki meki profile
Weki Meki
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