WheeSung’s Agency Responds To Him Involved In Sexual Assault Video Threatening Amy

wheesung amy

Just recently, K-Pop TV personality Amy spoke about a close celebrity friend whom she called her soulmate as someone who she took drugs with, while also asking her to take the fall when they were about to be exposed.

Back in 2011 until 2013, there has been a similar drug-related story about WheeSung injecting propofol but was cleared of suspicions while his lawyer stated that the court dismissed the case on the grounds that a doctor legally prescribed it to the K-Pop singer for hair loss and herniated disc.

Amy stated that WheeSung allegedly had photos and videos of her being sexually assaulted as a form of leverage should she blow the whistle on him.

WheeSung’s agency has responded to the recent claims by stating:

“We are still currently trying to better understand the situation. We will release an official statement once we have clarified the facts.”

Amy was deported from South Korea when she was found to have abused prescription drug propofol back in December 2015.

Stay tuned for updates!