‘When The Devil Calls Your Name’ drops ominous second teaser


On July 6, tvN’s upcoming seriesWhen The Devil Calls Your Name released another unsettling teaser featuring Jung Kyung-ho and Park Sung-woong.

When The Devil Calls Your Name is a Faustian fantasy drama revolving around a singer-songwriter named Ha Rip, played by Jung Kyung-ho (Life On Mars), who makes a deal with the devil Ryu in exchange for fame and riches. However, when his contract comes to an end and he realizes that his success has resulted in another young artist’s misfortune, he decides to right his wrongs and gets swept up in a dangerous battle of odds with the devil. Ryu operates by possessing the body of actor Mo Tae-kang, who is portrayed by Park Sung-woong (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes).

The second teaser begins where the first ended, with Jung standing in a room whose walls are lined with trophies, behind a door engulfed in flames. When the flames subside, he opens the door… to walk out into an open field, where Park sits alone on a throne in his devil avatar. He stands up and a pen flies into his outstretched hand as he asks Jung, “Will you extend your contract?” The final shots of the teaser show Jung considering the proposal, as his voice narrates, “I made a deal with the devil.”

When The Devil Calls Your Name is helmed by Min Jin-ki who directed the critically acclaimed sci-fi series, Circle. Also starring Lee El (Matrimonial Chaos) and Lee Seol (Less Than Evil), it is set to premiere on July 31, following the wrap up of Search: WWW.

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