Who Will Be Jung ChaeYeon (As Han SongYi)’s Boyfriend At The End Of Season 2 Of Netflix “My First First Love”?


Viewers of the first season of “My First First Love” will know that there is a love triangle at the center of this growth campus romance Netflix drama.

JiSoo, DIA‘s Jung ChaeYeon, and Jung JinYoung are the main actors. The three characters are in search of love, friendship, and dreams. Two university students that have no romantic feelings: a guy friend and a girl friend (female friend), and a close friend of this guy that has romantic feelings for this girl. For more information, teaser, and posters, you can check our cast and summary here.

If you haven’t watched the first season be aware of spoiler.

At the end of season 1, Han SongYi (Jung ChaeYeon) started to date with Seo DoHyun (JinYoung). While Yoon TaeOh (JiSoo) saw them kissing by the pool. Both have romantic feelings for her but she decided to date DoHyun- for now.

The question is will she keep dating DoHyun until the end of the season 2? Or will she switch boyfriend to TaeOh?

In the newly released pictures, she seems to have nice dates with DoHyun but still looks close to TaeOh. Many are even more curious about the outcoming of this new season.


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Back in April, Kpopmap wrote 4 Reasons Why The Love Triangle Of “My First First Love” Got Viewers Torn Apart, and asked, “who are you for?”. Kpopmap readers have been very divided on the subject!

DoHyun got slightly more votes at 2,482 and TaeOh at 2,157 (data retrieved on 19.07.09 10:30 am KST). Looking at the results, it seems that both boys have stans.

my first first love 2, netflix my first first love

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Thank you for those of you who voted. If you want to join in the vote too, you can here (down the page).

The season two will start on July 26 on Netflix. Are you excited?