Why Domestic EXO-L’s Demanding Removal Of Chen Is Pure Absurdness

exo chen

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With news of EXO’s Chen getting married to his pregnant girlfriend currently having caused a frenzy in the K-Pop scene, one can’t help but wonder why some domestic fans are lashing out at the K-Pop idol.

Dating and K-Pop have been two topics that just didn’t seem to mesh well together over the years. Why is it that certain domestic fans go haywire whenever word that a member of their favorite idol group is dating gets out?

Some domestic fans have recently been saying that Chen needs to be removed because EXO has sustained a lot of damage to their reputation as a group due to his news of marriage. What is ironic about this is that it is actually the reaction from these select few fans who are lashing out that is doing more damage to the group’s image. Had they reacted positively towards the news, none of this would have even had any negative spotlight cast on it.

Did Chen commit some sort of crime? Definitely not. While we can somewhat understand when domestic K-Pop fans lash out with severe words and demands of removal of certain members from idol groups when a scandal or crime breaks out, it seems rather unreasonable for them to be spewing so much criticism and hate towards Chen for falling in love. One could even perhaps go as far as to say that the mentality of these certain fans deprives an idol’s basic human right to love. Yet, these certain fans back in South Korea speak as if it wasn’t against the law for Chen to have been in a relationship.

It is exactly this type of reaction that actually best exemplifies the toxic “mob and lynching effect”, a topic that has also been discussed among K-Pop fans themselves. Of course, it’s not the K-Pop fandom as a whole but the particular group of fans who have the loudest voices in these moments that influence other fans to somehow follow along in the domestic scene. South Korea’s societal culture is a heavily collective one, and it is also possible that some fans who are expressing their criticism towards Chen may not even know why they are doing so at all, but merely just going with the flow.

An important question that is also worth raising is, are the fans who are demanding that removal of Chen, really in fact EXO fans? Or are they fans of perhaps other members? Wouldn’t a true EXO fan have the tendency to show support rather than disappointment and a sense of betrayal? It makes one wonder just what kind of relationship these fans believed that they had with the idol group to begin with.