Why ISAC Is A Nightmare For Some K-Pop Fans

isac 2019


Many K-Pop fans have wanted ISAC to go away for good. And it seems that the fans have understandable reasons for their stance towards the show.

Below are some reasons why.



There have been several injuries that occurred while filming ISAC. Idols usually tend to put in their 110% effort in to everything they do, even if it’s for things that aren’t directly related to their careers, because they’re just hard workers and diligent people. Which is why some fans just can’t seem to understand why their idols would try so hard during the ISAC to the point where they might sustain injuries.


Dating Rumors

Besides injuries, another reason why fans hate it is because of the rumors that idols show up to ISAC in order to secretly meet up with their love interests.

There have been stories told by former idols as well, that the reason why K-Pop idols participate on ISAC is to meet up with other K-Pop idols they are dating.

Naturally, this wouldn’t sit too well with fans as they’d hate to see their biases showing affection as boyfriends or girlfriends to other idols.


Unfortunate Events Like This

And just recently, some staff member seems to have forgotten how to behave in modern society as he grabbed LOONA member Chuu’s hair in an attempt to have an interview with her. Outrageous right? How on earth does one decide to pull someone’s hair to get an interview? Wasn’t asking the most agreeable and appropriate way? Seems like this guy isn’t aware of that.


How do you feel about ISAC?