Why Kang Daniel Fans Can Expect An Album To Drop Very Soon

kang daniel

Fans of Kang Daniel can expect his solo debut album to drop some time very soon, and here’s why.

According to reports from South Korean news agencies, the former Wanna One member recently sat down for a meeting with Kakao M and a distribution agency, a move that is usually taken when an album release is near or fully ready.

An insider who first revealed this information also stated that a woman working on behalf of Kang Daniel, currently identified as “Ms, Seol”, was also present during this meeting as she has also been looking for the right distribution company for Kang Daniel.

In addition, given that news reports have also stated that Kang Daniel went to the US back in April for an album recording, it seems that he is in the final stages of releasing it now that he has also established his own one-man agency, Konnect Entertainment.

Stay tuned for updates!