Why MAMAMOO Solar Joked About Wanting To Work At JYP Entertainment

mamamoo solar


Of all the K-Pop entertainment agencies out there, which would you prefer to work at? For MAMAMOO member Solar, it turns out that the place is JYP Entertainment for her.

So why JYP Entertainment?

Well, if we think about some of the pros of working at JYP, there are a few that we can think of. It’s one of the big three agencies, there’s popular groups like GOT7 and TWICE, the salary is also quite generous, and the working environment definitely seems to be quite satisfactory.

But for Solar, it’s none of the above.

For her, it’s the agency’s well-known cafeteria. Yes, food is great over at JYP Entertainment and not only is it tasty, it’s also quite healthy. JYP once said himself that it was heart-breaking to see idols and staff members who couldn’t eat a full decent meal due to overworking, which is the reason why he decided to make sure that they are fed adequately and properly.

Solar once tried out the cafeteria’s food and she joked about how she wished she was a JYP employee to JYP himself. She also low-key hinted that her agency should perhaps set up a similar cafeteria.

You can check out what happened below through the full video!