Why No Other K-Pop Girl Group Will Dominate The US Like BLACKPINK


YG Entertainment’s treasure BLACKPINK recently released their comeback single ‘Kill This Love’, an anthemic and aggressive trap song laced with blaring brass sounds that was accompanied by one of the most beautifully shot music video that we’ve ever seen in K-Pop history.

Despite still not having a full length studio album, every single release by BLACKPINK was an instant hit, boasting the signature sound of YG and its sub label ‘THE BLACK LABEL’, which could arguably be defined as the perfect balance between US pop music and K-Pop.

Whether you’re a fan or a hater, what we believe everyone has to admit is that the quality of their contents is superior.

Which is why it also makes sense for ‘Interscope’, one of the most prominent record labels in the US, to begin their partnership with YG Entertainment by taking BLACKPINK under their wings. It’s because of the quality of their contents and music that BLACKPINK has been able to make the next big transition of their career so naturally and effortlessly in to the US music market.

Not only are they the very first female K-Pop act to perform in the upcoming Coachella music festival this year, they will be the very first K-Pop group ever to have their Coachella performance streamed in New York City’s Times Square.


YouTube made the exciting announcement as 2019 is the company’s ninth year to live stream the iconic music festival.

Congratulations to BLACKPINK!