Why TXT BeomGyu Had To Improve Taking Selfies Is Kind Of Sad

txt beomgyu

Big Hit Entertainment

Just recently on a live radio broadcast ‘Smash The Universe’, hosted by TXT members BeomGyu and TaeHyun, three stories anonymously submitted by the rest of the members were revealed.

One story in particular caught the attention of BeomGyu, as it involved him being dethroned as the king of selfies. The story stated that photos that were taken by others were usually better than selfies.


BeomGyu explained that when he first started taking selfies, all his friends just advised him to ask other people to take photos for him. Ouch. Poor BeomGyu. He only just started to take selfies and his friends were telling him he was better off with other people taking photos for him instead.


BeomGyu revealed that he started practicing harder at taking selfies. And he thought he was really good. The key phrase here is “he thought”. So how did his friends feel about BeomGyu’s selfies? Well, they told him the truth.


But of course, this is the past and an explanation to why BeomGyu is so good at taking selfies now. He was determined to be good at it!

You can check out the full episode below!