Will Burning Sun Anna Be Executed In China If Deported For Dealing Drugs?


What will happen to the woman known as Anna, who is currently being investigated in the Burning Sun scandal? Being from China and having stayed in South Korea as an illegal alien, the chances of her being able to stay in South Korea after her recent troubles with the law seem quite low.

Deportation back to her country seems like the most likely scenario at this point, after all she was residing in South Korea illegally and being involved with drugs and a scandal that has caused public outcry are all the more reasons why she would not be welcome in South Korea any longer.

According to SeDaily, recent drug tests revealed that Anna’s DNA samples came out positive for ecstasy, proving that she had indeed done drugs herself. Investigations have not yet revealed through concrete evidence of whether Anna had actually distributed drugs. However, there have been many former employees of Burning Sun who have testified that she was known for passing along drugs to customers within the club.


burning sun anna


Her status as a Chinese national would mean that she would receive a sentencing first in South Korea, and most likely again upon her arrival in China. The popular belief that Chinese citizens are automatically executed for being involved with drugs is also circumstantial. Having done drugs can often result in a light sentence, but crimes involving distribution and production is where the heavy consequences lie in.

Currently, Anna has been found guilty of only done drugs herself. She has, for an understandable reason, vehemently denied that she has been involved in distributing drugs. Should she be found guilty of drug distribution in South Korea, it is highly likely that she will be facing an enormous legal consequence when returning to China.