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On June 29, WonHo
announced his fandom name: WENEE.

Meeting his fans live on V-Live for the first time in a long time, WonHo revealed that he personally chose WENEE out of the numerous suggestions he received from fans on fancafe.

WENEE has the meaning of “WE NEEd” and “WE are NEw Ending”. Fans and WonHo need each other to exist.

WonHo cutely celebrated with WENEE their birthday.

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#hbd #wenee #wonho #위니 #사랑해 !! あいしている, 我愛爾, Ich liebe dich, Szeretlek, Ik hou van jou, Mahal kita, Mi amas vin, Wuhibbuka, Ti amo, Te iubesc, Gosto muito de te, Я Вас Люблю, Me enamorado, Szeretlek, Mi amas vin, ผมรักคุณ, ฉันรักคุณ, मै तुमसे प्यार करता हुं , S’agapw, Jeg elsker dig, Obicham te, Toi yeu em, Saya cinta mu, Seni Seviyorum, Ch-ha di gärn,

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On Twitter, WonHo says “Let’s only walk the path of happiness together. I love you WENEE”.

You can rewatch his V-Live below.

Are you a WENEE?


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