WooYeop & TaeSeon Sues TS Entertainment


TS Entertainment

TRCNG members WooYeop and TaeSeon recently filed a lawsuit against their agency TS Entertainment.

The two K-Pop idols made a few shocking accusations saying that TS Entertainment was responsible for child abuse and extortion.

For starters, they had to practice their choreography from 5PM to 5AM, while also being expected to show up to show up to the agency by 10AM the next day.

In addition, the members stated that they did not receive proper housing and support, citing lack of meals, water shortages, electricity failure, and etc. as some of the difficulties they faced.

But more shocking accusations involve both physical assault and extortion as well. According to some of the statements, some of the members were beaten with chairs and were regularly assaulted.

TS Entertainment has not yet responded to the accusations.

Stay tuned for updates!