X1 Members’ Agencies Criticized For Allegedly Pushing For Debut As Originally Planned Despite Controversy

produce x 101

With accusations of having rigged votes during Mnet’s ‘Produce X 101’, it seems that there might be a slight complication for the agencies of X1 members at the moment.

According to South Korean news agency Xports News, the Truth Commission is currently criticizing the agencies and have stated that the intent to go ahead with the debuting of X1 is the equivalent to treating the public as “stupid”.

The committee stated:

“The agencies of all twenty Produce X 101 participants have all supported for the debut plan to go as planned.” The committee also added “The suspicions surrounding the circumstances when selecting the winning finalists have not been resolved and the way the agencies are supporting for the debut plans to carry on as planned is an insult to the nation’s producers and the public.”

The Truth Commission has also notified the public that they will not rest until an appropriate explanation that can clear the suspicions of vote rigging have been brought forth.

X1 is currently scheduled to debut on August 27th.

Stay tuned for updates!