X1 Members Divided On Whether They Should Stay Together?



According to various reports from South Korean news agencies, X1 members are currently divided on opinion about whether the group should stay together.

After the producer of ‘Produce 101’ series, Ahn JoonYoung, admitted to the authorities of rigging votes for all four seasons of the show, rumors of disbandment of X1 and even potentially IZ*ONE have been circulating online, a rumor that has been denied by the group’s agencies.

However, a meeting recently took place with the staff members of CJ E&M and X1 members discussing about what to do. According to the reports, the meeting was actually for the purposes of giving X1 members the chance to express their ideas and opinions on which step to take. The question of whether the group should stay together was also brought up.

While no details have been released to the public, X1 members are currently divided on opinion regarding disbandment, meaning some have expressed that it wasn’t a good idea to stay together.

Stay tuned for updates!

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