Ye Ji-won, Jo Dong-hyuk to appear in Channel A’s ‘Afternoon Love Affairs’


On March 4, pay television network Channel A announced that Ye Ji-won and Jo Dong-hyuk had confirmed their participation in the upcoming drama Afternoon Love Affairs, starring Lee Sang-yeob and Park Ha-sun.

Afternoon Love Affairs is a remake of the popular Japanese drama Hirugao: Love Affairs In The Afternoon. It tells the story of a woman who is bored with small-town life and ends up having an extra-marital affair during the afternoons, while her husband is away working. Park Ha-sun has been cast as the quiet Son Ji-eun, while Lee Sang-yeob will play Yoon Jeong-woo, the man she has an illicit relationship with.

Ye Ji-won has been cast to play Choi Soo-ah, a housewife married to an owner of a huge publishing company. They have two kids. On the surface, Choi Soo-ah seems to be a perfect wife and mother, but she harbors a deep secret within. Her life will be shown taking a shocking turn during the course of the drama. Ye was recently seen in Should We Kiss First and Still 17, enjoying high popularity for her roles.

Meanwhile, Jo Dong-hyuk will be playing a painter, Do Ha-yoon. He has led a difficult and stressful life, rife with marital and financial difficulties. When he meets Soo-ah, however, the two grow unexpectedly close and their lives become intertwined. Jo has previously appeared in dramas like Bad Guys and Inspiring Generation.

The series will be directed by PD Kim Jung-min of the Squad 38 and Hidden Identity fame and is expected to air in the first half of the year.

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