Yeo Jin Gu Emphasizes His Harvard MBA to Impress Ghost Boss IU in Latest Preview for Hotel Del Luna


I love the colors of upcoming tvN Sat-Sun drama Hotel Del Luna. The hotel itself is saturated bold colors of orange, yellow, purple and contrasted nicely with many outside night scenes pleasingly lit to actually see what’s going on. The latest 4th preview for the drama is it’s most substantive yet, showing multiple scenes lifted from the early episodes that build the interactions between leads IU and Yeo Jin Gu strongly in a short 30-seconds. He’s a can-do Harvard MBA who wields that badge around despite it being wholly useless to impress his new hotel boss who is a ghost stuck running a joint for other ghosts as penance. We even get a frantic hug that’s all moody and both leads expressions convey so much already.

4th preview for Hotel Del Luna: