Yeo Jin Gu, Minah, and Hong Jong Hyun Start Filming Absolute Boyfriend, Gets SBS Time Slot in May Originally Slated for Vagabond


Filming has kicked off for the K-version of Japanese manga Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi), quite a few years in the making with this adaptation punted around K-ent for some time. Yeo Jin Gu will get to bare his abs as the robot boyfriend, Minah as the female lead, and Hong Jong Hyun as the just as good human option for a boyfriend. The drama is reportedly getting the SBS May 2019 time slot that was originally scheduled for action drama Vagabond, which was pushed back to September in order to air simultaneously on Netflix which picked it up for streaming. I’m curious about how the K-version of Absolute Boyfriend will turn out, the casting is really spot on (look at how cute the trio are as they start filming!), and I hope it’ll be even further modernized with over ten years out since the original manga came out.