Yeo Jin Gu Starts to Shine in Episode 4 of Hotel Del Luna as He Stands Up to IU


It can actually go both ways, Yeo Jin Gu‘s modern day hotel manager character in Hotel Del Luna could be the reincarnation of IU‘s romantic interest from her humanly life in the Gorguyeo era or just someone seeing their memories but exists to help her left go now by making her fall in love again. I wasn’t fully onboard with the modern day romance in the making until this most recent episode 4 on Sunday, which was really Yeo Jin Gu’s episode to shine as Chan Sung. He finally gets full agency of his new life, seeing ghosts and helping those get closure and move on. I love how all the ghost stories are really touching, the old man and his loyal dog bathed me in tears (I’m such a dog mom) while the blind ghost story paid off after four episodes in a meaningful way for Chan Sung’s emotional commitment to do the most with his bridge as a human who can see ghosts. The ending kiss was a new situation I’ve not seen in dramas before and is less romantic and more cool in setup. I so want to see the demonic ghost living in Room 13.