YG Artists Currently Thinking About Looking For Different Agencies Shows One Possible End Game Scenario For The Agency

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South Korean news agency Dispatch has recently released a news report saying that some YG artists are currently thinking of leaving the agency.

The news comes amidst several scandal that YG Entertainment has recently been linked to, including former iKON member B.I’s attempted purchase of LSD, alleged embezzlement, and alleged solicitation of prostitutes for business investors.

According reports from Dispatch, an industry insider stated:

“After scandals alleging that several YG idols were involved with drugs, the public’s view on the agency has inevitably become worse. Right now is a stage where actors who must maintain their image and reputation, to seriously consider things.”

The insider has also claimed that four unnamed K-Pop stars are currently thinking of looking for a different agency. While termination of contracts for any of these stars is highly unlikely, the insider has stated that some are avoiding the subject of contract renewal.

Many South Korean netizens have expressed that their idol groups or favorite stars were better off in a different agency. And it is indeed a reasonable stance for them given the current bad publicity that YG Entertainment has been receiving, which is why fans should probably ask themselves if they are fans of the idols or YG Entertainment? We’re quite certain that it is the former, and under that assumption, they should probably then ask if YG Entertainment is the best place for their idols to be at.

In addition, a petition has also recently been made to the government by the public, demanding that YG Entertainment activities be put to a halt.

Stay tuned for updates!