YG Entertainment Cancels BLACKPINK Press Conference Due To Recent Sokcho Fire Outbreak


YG Entertainment has recently canceled the press conference for BLACKPINK as the agency felt that with the recent tragic Sokcho fire incident, it would be better to have the public focused on more important matters.

Below is a statement released from YG Entertainment.

“We have decided it would be best to cancel the BLACKPINK conference that was originally supposed to take place on April 5th, 11 AM out of respect and sympathy for the residents of the Gangwon region of South Korea as they have been going through turbulent times due to the Sokcho wildfire. We sincerely send our gratefulness and sympathy to everyone who has been working tirelessly to contain the situation.”

Below is a clip that shows the severity of the wildfire in Sokcho.

Our condolences and support go out to anyone who may have lost a loved one or have been victimized by the fire.