YG Entertainment Leadership Might Change After Shareholder Meeting

yang hyunsuk

According to The Korea Herald, the shareholders of YG Entertainment will soon be having a meeting to discuss whether the current CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang MinSuk, the younger brother of Yang HyunSuk, will be keeping his position as the head of the agency.

Yang HyunSuk, who stepped down from his position as the head of the agency to take on the role of head producer, is also likely to be included in discussions for whether his influence over the company is something that is needed.

Both Yang HyunSuk and Yang MinSuk are currently suspected of tax evasion and fans of YG Entertainment have been demanding a change in leadership after the recent scandals. A combination of these two main factors hint that the Yang brothers won’t be sticking around in YG Entertainment for much longer.

Key institutional shareholders include Global World Music Investment, Shanghai Fengying Business Consultant Partnership, Naver, and the National Pension Service.

The exact date and time of when the shareholders’ meeting will take place has not yet been disclosed but is scheduled to take place some time this week.

Stay tuned for updates!