YG The Black Label Songwriter Claims SeungRi Lied And Was Kicked Out Of Agency

club burning sun

BIGBANG member SeungRi announced that he would be retiring from the K-Pop scene as the current scandals surrounding him have spiraled way out of control for him to be able to redeem himself again.

From connections to club Burning Sun where alleged use of date rape drugs were used, to being a suspect of soliciting prostitutes, we have not seen anything like this before in K-Pop history.

SeungRi announced that he would voluntarily leave YG Entertainment for the sake of BIGBANG’s future and YG Entertainment’s honor. However, a songwriter from The Black Label, a sub label of YG Entertainment, claims that SeungRi did not leave voluntarily and was kicked out.

Below is the Instagram post uploaded by the songwriter.


“He got kicked out but is instead fooling around saying he left voluntarily.”

The original Instagram story has been deleted.