Yoo Seung Ho the Male Lead for Rom-com K-drama Super Star Ms. Lee


The manhwa to drama adaptations remain hit-or-miss but a solid hit always make up for the disappoints and keeps me interesting and hopeful anytime I hear another one in the works. Yoo Seung Ho will be making a drama return later this year with the drama adaptation of manhwa Super Star Ms. Lee. It’s a fantasy revenge tale when an ordinary woman switches souls with a Jeon Ji Hyun level actress after an accident. Yoo Seung Ho’s male lead role is a third son of a chaebol shopping conglomerate with looks, wealth, and education (of course), but also the supernatural ability to recognize souls. He falls for an ordinary worker at his company and shocks everyone. The drama is by the production team behind Doctors and Ruler: Master of the Mask and will air on a prime time network in the end of 2019.