Yoon Eun Hye and Chun Jung Myung Dealt Horrible Photoshopping in Drama Posters for Fluttering Warning


I’m so dying with laughter and feeling cringey embarrassment for my darlings Yoon Eun Hye and Chun Jung Myung for being stuffed into this drama poster epic fail. But it’s good natured ribbing because K-drama posters run the gamut and there are plenty of sad sack attempts so this is nothing new. The official drama posters for MBN rom-com Fluttering Warning (Love Alert) puts the warning and alert on horrible photoshopping ahead. The graphic designer who cut out the silhouettes of the leads for the magazine cover poster below needs to be fired and the one who forgot to properly airbrush the shadows off their faces above does as well. It’s certainly a waste of the natural visual charms the two but harmless in the long run since this is a fluffy K-drama geared more towards fan service than critical reviews.