Yoon Hyun-min, Go Sung-hee to star in Netflix’s “Me Alone and You”


On February 14, global internet entertainment company Netflix confirmed that Yoon Hyun-min and Go Sung-hee will play the lead roles in its newest Korean series, Me Alone and You.

Me Alone and You tells the story of a lonely woman who meets an AI-powered hologram called Holo. Yoon Hyun-min will play the roles of Holo and its creator, Go Nan-do—a genius owner of an IT research company who has done a lot of tech projects alone. Despite Go Nan-do’s countless contributions to the company, the only people who are aware of his existence are his stepsister and the company’s official CEO. 10 years ago, he worked as a hacker in a major case that supposedly caused his death and since then the general public thinks he is dead.

It will be a challenge for Yoon to take on the dual roles of Go Nan-do and Holo, so many viewers are excited to see his performance. His last TV series was the tvN fantasy drama Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter.

Meanwhile, Go Sung-hee will play the drama’s female protagonist named Han So-yeon, an assistant manager working in a company that sells eyeglasses. She does almost everything—from brand marketing to logistics. While her work demands her to deal with a lot of people and take care of her clients, she suffers from prosopagnosia or the inability to recognize faces.

Go is best known for her roles in SuitsMother, and While You Were Sleeping.

Me Alone and You is the newest project of Director Lee Sang-yeob, whose previous works include Familiar Wife and Shopping King Louis. Its story is penned by Ryu Yong-jae who wrote Pied Piper and Liar Game. It is the third original Korean series of Netflix. The streaming giant made Kingdom (starring Ju Ji-hoon and Bae Doo-na) available for viewing last month and is expected to release Love Alarm (starring Kim So-hyun and Song Kang) in the latter of 2019.

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