Yoon Kye Sang in Talks for Screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee’s Upcoming Healing Romance Drama Chocolate


Yayyyyy, it’s a double good news release day with the return of a K-drama screenwriter I love paired with a male lead that I also love. Yoon Kye Sang has been offered the male lead for writer Lee Kyung Hee‘s next drama titled Chocolate. Lee Kyung Hee has great dramas such as Thank You, Nice Guy, I’m Sorry I Love You, and Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School, and merely very very good dramas including Uncontrollably Fond, Wonderful Days, Will it Snow For Christmas, and A Love to Kill, and all of that combined makes for a series of dramas that have collected buckets of tears from me. Chocolate is a healing romance between a neurosurgeon and renowned Italian cuisine chef, and how they heal their past pain and also provide comfort for those close to passing. Bring it on, it’s going to hurt so good.