Yoon SeoBin Writes Apology For Past Bullying & Delinquent Behavior

yoon seobin

Yoon SeoBin, who recently was disqualified from Produce X 101 and expelled from JYP Entertainment after news of him bullying other students and engaging in other delinquent behavior in the past, uploaded an official statement of apology shortly after.

Despite having ranked number one during the survival program, his past seems to have been an issue that both Mnet and JYP Entertainment could not accept.

Below is his statement

“I admit that I played quite often during my school days. I’m continuing to reflect upon my past actions and am apologetic towards JYP Entertainment and the staff members of Produce X 101.

The reason why I changed my name was not because to conceal my identity but because my parents told me my birth name was difficult to pronounce and a fortune teller said it wasn’t a good name.”

Yoon SeoBin also addressed the issue of school violence and bullying as well.

“I am sorry for causing the controversy and being the reason why the situation even began. Even though the school has no record of my school violence nor have I received any calls demanding an apology, I am still sorry.”

At the moment, YoonSeoBin has revealed that he is staying home back in his hometown Gwangju, South Korea, and avoiding the public as he feels that anything he does at this point will only bring about criticism from the public.