YouTube Originals ‘Analog Trip’ Premieres on Oct 9th


TVXQ! and SUPER JUNIOR, one of the biggest K-pop acts, will be releasing ‘Analog Trip’, a special travel documentary exclusively on YouTube. ‘Analog Trip’ is a 12-episode travel documentary based on a backpacking trip in Indonesia with TVXQ!’s U-Know and MAX and SUPER JUNIOR’s LeeTeuk, ShinDong, EunHyuk, and DongHae. The show will be available exclusively on SMTOWN YouTube channel on October 9th at 10 PM KST (October 9th at 9 AM EST).


As two of the most successful K-POP groups from the 2000’s, TVXQ! and SUPER JUNIOR have been tirelessly working since they were teenagers. ‘Analog Trip’ follows their rare personal vacation in Indonesia, where they go on a backpacking trip as if they were not celebrities, with only a travel guide in hand and rummaging through personal mementos from their time as trainees back in 2002. The show offers an intimate look into the bond between group members, footage of them appreciating the grandeur and beauty of nature, and moments where they share their innermost feelings and thoughts.

This special trip allows six of them to get closer to each other and create unforgettable memories. In the teaser poster revealed today, the six friends, U-Know, MAX, LeeTeuk, ShinDong, EunHyuk, and DongHae, are wearing matching backpacks, looking at the distance to appreciate the beauty of Indonesia. Global fans will soon be able to see how this trip is reminiscent of their dreams and passion before they joined TVXQ! and SUPER JUNIOR.

Episode 1 of ‘Analog Trip’ will be available free with ads to everyone on YouTube on October 9th at 10 PM KST / 9 AM EST and a new episode will be released every Wednesday 10 PM KST, 9AM EST. Full 12 episodes will be available to YouTube Premium subscribers on October 9th at 10 PM KST / 9 AM EST.

YouTube Premium is now available in 63 countries, including Korea, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the US.