YouTuber Explains Why He Took Down Videos Featuring Jung JoonYoung To Prevent Misunderstanding

jung joonyoung korean englishman

YouTuber ‘Korean Englishman’ (Josh Carrott), popular for his good looks and adventures in South Korea, recently took down all videos that contains footages with singer Jung JoonYoung who is currently caught up in a massive scandal involving uploading sex tapes filmed with a hidden camera among other possible crimes.

‘Korean Englishman’ explained that because Jung JoonYoung was currently a suspect in police investigations and accused of serious crimes, he felt it was necessary to remove contents with the South Korean singer as some viewers may feel discomforted by watching him on YouTube. It was also a step to avoid any misunderstandings from the South Korean public as well. After all, many who were close to Jung JoonYoung have been either been directly involved in his crimes or are being suspected of being involved, something that anyone who is an acquaintance of Jung would want to avoid.

Below is the official statement from ‘Korean Englishman’.


“Everyone, I have decided it wasn’t right for me to leave some videos that might discomfort viewers after hearing about the sudden news yesterday, which was the reason why I’ve taken down all videos containing Jung JoonYoung.

There have been many theories as to the actions that were taken overnight, and I did not want my viewers to become worried about the reasons as to why I have taken the videos down.

I assure everyone that I have nothing to do with the recent scandals. I thank everyone who were worried about my well-being due to the current tumultuous situation.”