Yum Jung-ah believes success of ‘Sky Castle’ to give her new opportunities


“I’ve always wanted to act,” said actress Yum Jung-ah who received a lot of attention for her leading role in Sky Castle—a JTBC drama which centers on rich families desperate for their children to enter a top university in Korea.

This is just one of some revelations made by the actress during an interview, where she talked about how she received a lot of love for her role in the series and her belief that she will receive more opportunities in the future.

Photo Credit: Sports Seoul

Sky Castle was a big hit and helped her solidify her status as an actress. She appeared in the Korean comedy-drama film Intimate Strangers, which fared greatly in the box office last year, but Sky Castle is relatively more successful—as evident on its current title as the highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history. That is quite an incentive for her to do better in the future, so she humbly declared, “I want to be here [entertainment industry] for a long time.” Now 46 years old, her presence in the industry seems far from over.

“I’ve never received this kind of love before,” she shared, pointing out a major development in her 28-year acting career. “It’s too much!” She continued, “I worked hard before Sky Castle, but it’s the first time a lot of people have shown interest in my work. Since different people from different age groups appreciated my work, I never thought it would come to this.” She believes this will give her more opportunities in the future. For some time, she stopped acting because she had to prioritize her marriage and her growing family, but the situation is different now that she has reached new heights in her career.

As for her role in the series, there are lots of things in common between her and her character, Han Seo-jin. One thing she understands is her role as a mother, since in real life she is a mother of two and a wife of a doctor. “I am a mother myself, so I can identify with my character’s feelings.”

She also shared that she had a lot of scenes where she had to be mean to many other characters in the series. She mentioned that her “body was fighting” and she “felt so tense.” She even noted that the director and the production team members were nervous for her scenes. Fortunately, she was well taken cared of by the team, so she had done her job well, for which she is always thankful.

Yum Jung-ah previously appeared in historical fantasy series Mirror of the Witch.

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